Jump Startup una colaboración de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en España

We help you make the jump to America

2020 march 10 11 12 13

JUMP STARTUP is a pre-internationalization program that will be carried out within the framework of collaboration between the United States Embassy in Spain and Social Nest Foundation with the aim of preparing companies from the Valencian Community in their access to the United States market.

We will select a Valencian Startup or Scale up to attend the SelectUSA Summit event that will take place from June 1-3, 2020 in Washington (USA).

Directed at

Startups and Scale Ups with products and services in the market and who are interested in their internationalization to the US market in the short to medium term.


prepare Spanish companies for:

increase its business and network with American companies, as well as its investment in the United States.
meet American companies that have innovative and high quality products and services to exchange knowledge and strengthen sustained and sustainable growth.
create jobs in both countries.


Internationalisation as a business strategy

What should I look out for?
How do I develop a strategy?
What resources and support do I need?

Legal and fiscal aspects

The main specific aspects to be able to operate in the United States will be covered. Do I need to incorporate my company there? What is the process like? What tax aspects apply differently in that market?

Commercial and business development

Do I distribute my product or service through partners or create my own channels? Where do I go to identify and establish partners?

People and cultural aspects

What cultural aspects should I take into account to sell there? How do I adapt my marketing and communication? At the level of people (teams), what should I consider?

Key dates

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