Jump Startup una colaboración de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en España

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Jump Startup una colaboración de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en España

JUMP STARTUP is a programme aimed at Startups and Scale Ups with products and services on the market and who are interested in their internationalisation to the US market in the short to medium term.

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Select USA is a program of the United States Department of Commerce, which aims to publicize the many advantages the United States offers as a place for business and investment, including a dynamic domestic market, a transparent legal system and the environment that has fostered the most innovative companies in the world. The United States is the place for investment and business. It is also the U.S. government's primary mechanism for attracting, retaining and promoting foreign direct investment into the U.S. SelectUSA's fundamental mission is to coordinate the resources and functions of the U.S. federal government and work with state, regional and municipal economic development agencies so that current and future investors have a single point of contact in the country.

The programme has among its most outstanding functions:
  • Acting as an information centre and answering queries about the US business environment
  • Serve as an ombudsman for investors to get around any paperwork, delays or obstacles they may encounter in the federal regulatory process
  • Promoting the United States as an investment destination
  • To provide post-investment assistance to those enterprises already based in the country

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The Jump Startups' participants say

To make the jump to the USA it's necessary to know

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